⚡ Boost your design thinking process and workshops with Creative Clues stickers. ⚡

Ever been to a brainstorming session that produced only obvious ideas, with sticky-notes containing just some illegible scribbles?

Does prototyping, storyboarding or journey mapping take too long?

Or maybe it's hard to make research participants get engaged?


That's when Creative Clues will help!


⚡ Each Creative Clues sheet contains text or illustration stickers. They cover a wide range of topics such as touchpoints, industries, metaphors, human needs, technology, transportation, emoji, and a lot more. 

⚡ They can fit on a standard sticky note and have light glue so they are easy to move around and re-use (see FAQ below).

⚡ Each design is clean and simple and you can draw on it with a ball pen or permanent marker should you need to.


The Full Bundle contains:

📑 49 sheets, divided into 21 categories

💡 350 unique designs (in total over 500 stickers: some doubled pages, 60 votings dots, 60+ interface elements and 2 empty sheets to draw custom sets)

🖊️ 1 black Sharpie pen


👇 Please refer to the table to get an overview of the content.

  • The stickers are printed on a special foil with a light glue. That means within first 24h you can easily move them around. After that point you can still re-use the stickers, although the glue might be a bit more dry. If you are careful, you can most likely use the Clues during two, maybe three workshops.

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